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Yogyakarta Culinary Tour

Yogyakarta is one of the best places in Indonesia for tourism. Yogyakarta serves a lot of travel categories ranging from the natural, historical, cultural, religious and culinary. Yeaah culinary, don’t miss it the culinary in Yogyakarta if you have plan traveling in this special province in Indonesia. Definitely Yogyakarta culinary tour is worth it for travelers, well this time we will review some food you should try when you have to go to Yogyakarta.

1. Lumpia Samijaya (fried springroll Samijaya)

Lumpia is an Indonesian food that has existed since ancient times. In Indonesia spring rolls has many variation in each region. In Yogyakarta, precisely on Malioboro Street there is a fried spring roll seller who has been selling for a long time here. Samijaya Spring Rolls seller open at 9:00 in the morning until it runs out. In Samijaya Lumpia stall, there are only 2 menus, namely special spring rolls and chicken spring rolls. Special spring rolls filled with vegetables, chicken and quail eggs at a price of IDR 6,000. While the chicken spring rolls with vegetables and chicken are priced at IDR 5,000. Which makes spring rolls with other spring rolls Samijaya namely in its seasoning.

spring rolls

Samijaya Spring Rolls are sweeter, but don’t make you runny. Then filled with pile of chicken meat that has been ground and seasoned. Coupled with quail eggs and  fresh vegetables, when you eat there are kreezz sound effects. The way to eat spring rolls is quite unique, because when you buy this food you will be given with an additional seasoning that is grated coconut that has been covered with garlic and added for pickles. I guaranteed you will definitely love this  lumpia. it feel more delicious to enjoy it when still warm. So let’s try it quickly.

2. Sego Pecel

If you like food from vegetables and you are in Malioboro, you can taste Yogyakarta typical sego pecel. Sego Pecel is a traditional food of Yogyakarta people where the contents are vegetables that have been boiled and washed down with a very delicious peanut sauce. Eaten using pincukan, which is a way to eat sego pecel made from banana leaves. Usually those who sell sego pecel are around the Bringharjo market.

3. Sate Ratu

satay ratu

Sate Ratu, located in jogja paradise food court, is a must-eat food that you must try when it comes to Yogyakarta. This sate is totally different from many sate generally. And many foreigners have been visited from others country.

The special feature of the Sate ratu is red marinated chicken satay. With chicken thigh which is very juicy and the red spices that are burning, then burnt on hot charcoal, and eaten while still hot makes amazed at the first bite. Besides red satay here there is also a wet wrap. Still the same as red sate, which is the basic ingredient is chicken. To make wet chicken meat that has been cleaned gently chopped and then covered with a secret spice and steamed until cooked. During the process of cooking chicken meat that has been seasoned will issue water that is used as soup when eating it. Eaten while hot both types of satay are very tasty, i guaranteed you will not regret when you try this food.

There is some culinary in Yogyakarta that you should try guys. I guaranteed a recommendation from us will not make you regret it. So let’s go to Yogyakarta and get your excitement here

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