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Borobudur selogriyo temple Start From $48/pax

Borobudur sunrise and Selogriyo temple trekking tour is combining heritage cultural tour. Catching the best sunrise spot at the temple and trekking to small temple in the footer of Sumbing mountain with stunning terrace rice field scenery.

$0 / per person

Trekking Prau in Dieng Plateau area is the most popular easy hike for to enjoy the golden sunrise with view several mountains in Java as it offers affordable options of fun adventure

$0 / per person
mount Merapi tour Start From $44/pax

Mount Merapi tour is the most adventurous activity we can do in Yogyakarta. Climbing the most active volcano in Indonesia gives a different experience & push the adrenaline up.

$0 / per person
mount Merbabu tour Start From $45pax

Merbabu trekking tour is popular for trekking tour in Java, with the trekking route is not to heavy it is good for the beginners. The trekking route mount Merbabu will often pass through the pine forest, rain forest, and savannas. Enjoy the sunrise from the top mount Merbabu is a good way to outside from…

$0 / per person
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