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The Elegance Tamansari Water Castle

Tamansari is one of the historical building of Sultan Palace or Keraton Yogyakarta. We already know about it in last article. Tamansari has an area of ​​more than 10 hectares with 57 buildings in it. These are part of Tamansari building :

Funtional of Tamansari

1. Gedong Gapura Hageng
This gates connects the first octagonal shaped courtryard (paseban) and the second octagonal shaped courtryarg (Gedong Lopak-Lopak). During its era, its was main entrance gate of King’s garden.

2. Gedong Lopak-Lopak
Its located in the middle of the second octagonal-shape courtryard on the east and the
west.Gedong lopak-lopak was used to prepare a fruits banquet for Sultan dan his relative.

3. Pasiraman Umbul Binangun
This complex has three pools: Umbul Muncar, Kolam Kuras,Umbul Binangun dan two buildings. The bathing area is divide into three part called Umbul Kawitan (pool for Sultan’s daughter and sons), Umbul Pamuncar (for Sultan’s concubines) and Umbul Panguras (pool for Sultan).

4. Gedong Sekawan
Gedong sekawan means four buildings. Each building is rectangular building with 5.50 m widw X 6.50 m long and 5m high. Each building has a lobu and half circled stairs in front of door.

5. Gedong Gapura Panggung
It symbolized the year when Tamansari was built (1684 Javanese year or 1758 A.D.). Nowadays, it becomes the main enterace for tourist to visit Tamansari complex.

6. Gedong Temanten
These buildings were formerly used by the caste guards. It consists of two building, one on the left and the other on the right. The name “Temanten” probably was associated with the number and symmetrical shapes of both bulidings, just like a bridal couple.

7. Gedong Pangunjukan
Designed symmetrical like gedung Temanten, these two buildings functioned as the place for the servant to prepare drinks for Sultan. The first one is on the left an the other is on the right of oassage leadng to Gapura Panggung.

8. Gerbang Kenari
It used to be back enterace door of Tamansari. Nowadays , it becomes the main front door to enter Tamansari complex. It lays from north to south on Taman street, kelurahan Patehan, Kecamatan Kraton.

9. Gerbang Taman Umbulsari (Gapura Umbulsari)

This gate leads to the area surrounding Gedong Ladoksari, Gedong Blawong and Taman Umbulsari. Gapura Umbul, Gedong malang on the east and Gedong Blawon on the west,
were positioned in one line. Right now a new brick wall of a new building or school blocks the eastern gate.

10. Pasarean Ledoksari
It was formerly for Sultan and his wife to meet for private pleasure. The foof was designed as a country house with a stuccoes roof. Thera are three clusters of buildings. Pasarean
ledoksari is separated from others buildings. It can be accessed from to doorways, from
Gedong Blawong on the south side and from Gedong Madaran on the west side.


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