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The Best Beaches in Yogyakarta You Should Visit

Yogyakarta is a city that has a myriad of beaches and almost all of the beaches in Yogyakarta have different beauty, so when you go to all the beaches in Yogyakarta you will not be bored with the view.

Yogyakarta beach tourism is much in demand, because beach tourism you can play water, snorkel, take pictures and or enjoy the sunset. You can also taste the processed sea food sold by the fishermen there.


We will give some recommendations for the beaches most frequently visited by tourists.

1. Parangtritis Beach


Parangtritis is the most famous beach in Yogyakarta. This tour is the number 1 choice for tourists who want to enjoy the big waves and black sand beach.

2. Indrayanti Beach

indrayanti beach

Similar to Parangtritis Beach, Indrayanti Beach is a beach that is no less beautiful and famous, you know friends. This beach is the most famous for foreign tourists, because this beach presents many very romantic views. coupled with clean white sand, turquoise sea water, the roar of the waves and  the warm wind that can soothe the heart and mind.

3. Timang Beach

timang beach

Timang beach is a beach that is different from other beaches. the difference is how to enjoy the beauty of this beach itself. On the beach timang presents the beauty of nature and at the same time you can test adrenaline here, because you can ride a traditional gondola ride to cross to a large reef where the place is a place for fishermen around to look for seafood.

4. Nglambor Beach

nglambor beach

This is a beach with calm waters, so if you visit here you can snorkel. but if you want to snorkel but not the tools don’t worry, because the people around the beach rent out snorkeling equipment.

5. Baron Beach

baron beach

The uniqueness of this beach is the shape of the beach that resembles the letter “U” and has a salt and fresh water flow. here also has a photo spot that is very amazing, like you can take pictures with the background of the fishing boats that have a unique and beautiful design.

Of the five beaches above, each beach has its own beauty. now you just want to choose which beach you want to visit. and don’t forget to prepare travel equipment according to the country’s weather.

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