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Simple and Exciting, Holiday Activities that You Can Do from Home

Are you bored #stayathome during this pandemic Covid-19? Certainly very bored not to leave the house for days. For all traveller, this period feeling so hard because can’t traveling far away. Finally you have to supporting activities to kill boredom as not to stress stay at home. We give you some ideas holiday nuanced activity you can do it at home to keep fun and enjoy even all of you have self isolation at home. Check it out !

1.Read travel books or read travel blogs

travelling book

If you’ve been busy traveling, this period you can use your time to read the travel books or travel blogs. You will find the new information from read the travel books and blogs to preparing your next trip after the pandemic Covid-19 is over.

2. Camping in the backyard

backyard camping

Yeah this activity is simple, fun and you will getting the new atmosphere around your home. If all this time you only sleep in the house, it never hurts to sleep in the backyard by setting up a tent. Camping with family in the backyard certainly fun activities outside the home at the pandemic Covid – 19 period.

3. Sports challenges

Making sports challenges and sending to your friends is definitely fun. Besides getting the benefits of exercise so that your body remains in shape you are also give positive energy to each others. Despite being in a period of self solation our body must be maintained. With exercise will help reduce stress during stay at home.

4. Sunbathing with a pool that can be pumped

sunbathing pool

For the children pool with pumped it feel so fun, if you and the family making this pool and relax on it it feels like a real vacation at a hotel. And the others benefit from sunbathing at the pool is getting the ultraviolet light and usefull for our body.

5. Virtual Tour

virtual tour

There are many tourist attractions that provide virtual tours online. So you don’t need to go there to visit it. One of the tourist attractions using the virtual tour is Louvre museum and British museum. Try and enjoy it to walk only use the laptop with virtual tour.

How tips from us? Hopefully can make your stay at home or work from home more exciting. And after pandemic Covid-19 or Corona virus is over, don’t hesitate to call us for your real journey.

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