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Sightseeing Lava Tour With Jeep 4WD in Merapi

Merapi volcano or Gunung Merapi so familiar with Indonesian people, this active volcano has eruption many times. Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia, the located in Yogyakarta special province with 2.986 MASL. For Indonesian people the nature disaster is ordinary things, they had many nature disaster like earthquake from the sea and volcanoes. Indonesia located in the ring of fire make this nature disaster so closed with the people.

SInce 1548 this volcano had eruption 68 times, that’s why Merapi is one of the world’s sixteen volcanoes on Decade Volcanoes project. The most notable of these eruptions were in 1006, 1786, 1822, and 1872 when many people died. The lava flows, once basaltic, have in historical times bocome andesitic. The last big eruption is in 2010 more than 300 people was dies, and some of village around Merapi is gone buried by materials (sand, ash, stones).

Even Merapi volcano often erupts but the villagers doesn’t want to leave their place birth. For them Merapi is very important for the life cycle, their only moving periodic when the eruption is coming. Yogyakarta government had been read their behavior, and give them solve home shelter for temporary displacement.

After eruption in 2010 the local people used the former eruption pathway for tourism. They succeeded in creating an adventure tourism activity. Used Jeep 4WD and motor trail they explore eruption pathway and some of villages affected. They named the adventure is “JEEP LAVA TOUR”, and completely they getting positive response from many people. At this time Merapi Jeep Lava Tour is favorite thing to do in Yogyakarta, the sensation feel different explore around volcano used the jeep 4WD.

Merapi Jeep Lava Tour has some stop point; mini museum, alien faced stone, bunker and playing at the river (kali kuning).

Mini Museum

museum mini

This museum offered some stuff affected eruption and pictures when the volcano was eruption in 2010. We can see some stuff is melted because the hot cloud around 800 degrees passed through the villages. The epic pictures about eruption and evacuated from some journalist is showing as well at this mini museum. Absolutely worth it for tourist to know the story of all stuff at mini museum with the local guide.

Alien Faced Stone


This place looking so calmly and more fun with some photo spot. The big stone from the volcano had face looks like alien when we took picture. Usually the locals they spent time in this area for taking pictures and enjoying the panoramic. The background is big river closed by materials (sand, stones) and the volcano.



A place to take shelter when an eruption suddenly comes was built by steel. Unfortunately this building didn’t working well when eruption in 2010 came. Unpredictable the hot cloud killed 3 person inside of. From this place looking clearly the volcano, around 5 km the distance from the top.

Kali Kuning

kali kuning

It’s a fun through the river with Jeep 4WD and playing offroad in this river. Getting wet, pushing the adrenaline up and the view directly the volcano. It’s so amazing the full package of merapi lava tour.

For your information, if do you want to taking this tour you have an option to combining with Borobudur sunrise and Prambanan sunset. But if you want another thing with this trip you can take special package Merapi Jeep Sunrise Tour. Catching the sunrise around volcano and quiet tourist is the best option.

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