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Places in Magelang You must to Visit

Are you confused about where to go on vacation? We have an advice for you if you are confused about searching for a vacation place or relaxing places. You all know Yogyakarta? Of course, the place that we would recommend is next to Jogja. Exactly, the place is Magelang.

For your information guys. Magelang is a city of a million flowers. Flowers are considered the right symbol to represent the cleanliness, beauty, orderliness, and comfort of the city of Magelang. Moreover, in Magelang also has excellent places that we recommend to you that must visit it.

1. Borobudur Temple


Borobudur temple is one of seven wonders of the world. This temple has a lot of history as outlined in the carvings on the walls of the temple. With a square shape at the top, there are 16 terraces, 3 circular courtyards. This makes entry into the Borobudur temple that has the most complete relief.

This temple was built during the heyday of the Sailendra Dynasty, around 800 Masehi. Based on the canggal inscription, it is estimated that the Borobudur temple was built in conjunction with the Prambanan temple. This temple was built for a place of worship of Buddhism. In addition, it has a function as a place of spirit that will guide people to wisdom and enlightenment in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism.

However, due to the weakening of the influence of Buddhism in Indonesia since the entry of Islam, Borobudur temple was slowly abandoned since the 14th century. But until now it is still used by Buddhists to make pilgrimages and as a place to commemorate the Vesak Trisuci.

In addition to its very popular history, Borobudur has very beautiful and instagramable photo spots. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the top of the temple. Perfect for you photographers who want to enjoy and capture the beauty of nature from the top of the temple.

Because Borobudur temple operational hours start at 6:00 to 17:00, but you want to enjoy the sunrise. You have to buy a ticket at the Manohara Hotel, because it is still around the Borobudur temple complex, so you can get access to and out of Borobudur temple through its operating hours.

2. Mendut Temple


In Magelang, there is not only Borobudur Temple. There is also a Mendut temple which is about 3 km away from Borobudur Temple. This temple is square in shape. This temple building has a height of approximately 26.4 m. In the body with a height of 2 m. On the surface of the temple, there is a wide hallway. And on the walls of Mendut Temple, there are about 31 panels that feature some relief stories. On the walls of the temple, there are flower carvings that are characteristic of Mendut Temple.

Well, for the entrance ticket to Mendut in general, weekend and weekdays are different guys. So, you have to prepare a budget according to when you go there. For weekdays the price of admission is 5,000, while for weekend 10,000. but remember ticket prices can change at any time.

3. Alun - Alun Magelang


Every city must have a city square, the same as in Magelang. The town square of Magelang also has its own uniqueness compared to other cities. If driving from Semarang and passing through the Magelang square, travelers will immediately be greeted by the gallant of the Statue of Prince Diponegoro riding on a horse.

Because the restoration has included a guardrail between the statue and visitors to protect the Prince Diponegoro statue area from the damage. So don’t try to damage it guys, you will get yelled at by the government hehe:v.

The Diponegoro statue in Magelang Square looks even more interesting to catch.

Take a moment to take pictures with the background of the Prince Diponegoro Statue as travel documentation or just take pictures with family and friends.

4. Pak Yatno Fried Rice


This is the part that we like the most when vacation to a place, that we never visited before. Do you know what? hehehe culinary section. Certainly, every place has the most delicious cuisine and gives a high rating in the city. There is also a night culinary that is unique because it uses a queue number to order it. Like Pak Yatno’s Fried Rice, one of them. Magelang city roaming at night can be a fun agenda to try.

Especially trying Pak Yatno’s fried rice. This food stall, located on Jalan Mayjend Bambang Soegeng, Magelang, offers delicious fried rice according to taste. You can order a sweet and spicy flavor with large pieces of chicken meat. Want to try it right away? Let’s write a list of visits You go on a culinary tour in Magelang.

It turns out that besides Borobudur Temple, Magelang also has many places that must be visited, right? And it seems to enjoy all the tourist attractions in Magelang is not enough in just one day. Oh yes, We have a suggestion for you who want to explore Magelang at night, make sure you wear a jacket. Because the night breeze in Magelang is quite cold.

Already have plans where to vacation in Magelang this time? Let’s make a plan now!

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