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Pengger Pine Forest : Hidden Beauty and Unique Photo Spots in Yogyakarta

Now we move to the Dlingo area in the south of Yogyakarta, guys. It’s area special for you photography lovers. This area is located on in highlands, which presents with a beautiful view, expanse of hills, green trees, windy and the bright sky.

Starting from the Pine forest, the Watu Goyang, the beautiful pine forest, Mangunan pine forest and the most recent and hits namely the Pengger pine forest. Curious how this place? Let’s just check this article.


Pine forest is one of the popular attractions with photo spots lots. This is suitable for you who like photos.

Pine forest area is open every day from the morning until the night. For you who want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, like see the view of green trees, the mist, and fresh the air you have to come in the morning. But, for you who want to come to enjoy the light or sparkling starts, coming in afternoon or evening is magically moment.

There are lots of photo spot provided in Pengger pine forest you can try everything in here, including the:

1. Substation view and photo spot


This is the most hits spot, so it becomes separate point. This spot is used as a viewing post and photo spot. If you up in one of the viewing post, behind you will be seen a stretch of beautiful trees and sparkling lights of a resident’s home light up at night.


2. Enjoy the beauty of sunset


Not only offers the coolness of mountain forest and spots unique photos, but this place also have special spot for sunset. In west side of pine forest which is a favorite place for visitors who come to enjoy the sunset.

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