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Nglinggo Tea

Nglinggo Tea

Traveling in Yogyakarta province is not only about temples, beaches, culture and culinary. Tourist has many kind of interesting tour activity for visiting like Nglinggo tea garden. The located in the slope of Menoreh hill at Nglinggo Village, Pagerharjo, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo regency, Nglinggo tea garden present organic tea plantation. For to reach Nglinggo tea is little bit challenging, We need to pass through an uphill road, steep, gradient and quite narrow to reach this place. Fortunatelly the asphalt road from Yogyakarta to Nglinggo tea plantation area is good. When we arrived at Nglinggo Tea Plantation, we can see the beauty of the tea garden.

The special things of Nglinggo tea plantation in this area is the processing for making tea still use manual. And luckily the tourist can join with the local farmer for picking and making tea at Nglinggo tea garden. Very simple to join this program at Nglinggo tea garden, we just arrive arround 08:00 am and contact the leader of farmer in this area. And they with the happines will teach us how to make the traditional tea. Right now many tourist from others country learning picking and making organic tea at Nglinggo tea. We have information from the farmer leader at Nglinggo tea plantation if the most tourist join this program is from Germany. It make sense because one of the travel blogger from Germany, indojunkie they are written and recomendation of this Nglinggo tea garden on they website page.

Not many information on internet about Nglingo tea plantation, event we open Wikipedia page. The altitude of Nglinggo tea plantation approximately 900 – 1000 masl with an area of around 136 hectares. If you are interesting and have a plan for to join this program, you have an option to combining with the other program, we are recomending Nglinggo tea garden and Mudal river park, Nglinggo tea garden and Pule Payung, Nglinggo tea garden and Borobudur sunset or Borobudur sunrise and Nglinggo tea garden. So if you want to see and visit the authentic tea garden in Yogyakarta, you should come to Nglinggo tea plantation.


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