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Nearly 30 Thousands of Tourists Crowded Mount Tai on Labor Day in China. Ouch, it’s really crowded!

The Corona pandemic is almost over in China. Daily positive cases are very small and active cases are declining. The Wuhan and Hubei lockdowns have even been opened since the beginning of April. China has always been in the top position in the overall number of cases, since March it has continued to decline in the number of cases so that it has managed to “flatten the curve” or hit a curve.

thaisian crowded

The total number of cases in China was 82,881 with the addition of cases today only one positive case with a total of 4,633 deaths. Its ranking is now in the 11th most cases in the world, even overtaken by Turkey, Brazil and Iran. Life in China has gradually returned to normal. Tourist attractions are now open again

Whether because of being tired with a lockdown in 2 months, Chinese citizens immediately stormed the tourist attractions that have been opened.


A month ago, China’s condition became normal after the Wuhan and Hubei lockdown reopened. Now almost 70 percent of tourist attractions have been allowed to be visited by visitors. One destination that is ‘flooded’ with visitors is Mount Tai in Shandong Province. On labor day on May 1, nearly 30 thousand tourists filled this sacred mountain range in China. Tickets were immediately closed after 29 thousand tickets were sold out.

This portrait shows thousands of people snaking on the Mount Tai track. There are thousands of stairs that must be climbed to get to the top.

stairs in moun Thai

The Chinese government has limited the number of visits to only 30 percent of the normal day quota. But still there are thousands of people crammed into it. The portrait above shows that thousands of people in masched groups lined up to reach their peak. Unfortunately, without strict social distancing

Mount Tai functions like Mount Olympus for Chinese citizens. On this mountain the gathering place of the gods in Chinese mythology. Mount Tai is considered sacred where there have been held rituals for 3 thousand years. Even though they had to climb 4 thousand stairs, they were still excited to the top. Sometimes the goal is not tourism but spiritual reflection.

The hope is that hopefully, the conditions of China and other countries will soon be normal. This crowd is feared to trigger a ‘second outbreak’ which can come bigger. Social and physical distancing should be tightened even though the pandemic trend has ended in China.

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