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What You Can Do Before or After Mount Merbabu Trekking

What You Can Do Before or After Mount Merbabu Trekking

For those of you who like to hunting for something before doing Merbabu trekking tour must be close to the village of Selo which is located between Mount Merabu and Mount Merapi. Selo Village is a Central Java agropolitan village, this village has a height of around 1500 from the sea, with this height is an area that has cool in a day and cold air at night.

Selo Village found vegetables and fruits that are still fresh or freshly harvested from farmers’ fields. Here are some places that you should visit in the Selo area:

  1. Traditional market, the market is located on the street Magelang – Boyolali. In this market there are many sellers of vegetables, fruit, food and daily necessities. If you want to buy lunch for merbabu trekking this place is suitable as your first stop terminal.

2. Farm area. if you like vegetables, you will definitely like this place. Various kinds of fresh vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and many more. For those of you who want to cook vegetables for your trekking needs, you can just buy with the farmers and store them in your bag to cook with the porters.

3. Homestay area. Don’t need to worry about waiting for you to stay in this area for a long time after mount trekking Merbabu tour. The government works with local residents to rent their homes for guests. Besides that, the residents here can also be tourist information place before making the Mount Merabu trekking tour

4. Do agricultural activities. If you come from abroad, you will surely be amazed at what local people do in the Selo region. You will see unique activities carried out by them.

That is the general brief for Selo village, a village that is crowded with tourists will be visited to make Mount Merabu trekking tour or Merapi trekking tour

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