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merapi mountain

Merapi, The mountain of Yogyakarta

Hi guys, we meet again hehehe, did you miss our update? let’s just go to the article. At this time we want to take you for a trip to Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. Vacation to the mountains or highlands really suitable for you who like to travel with a natural atmosphere. You will be spoiled by the beautiful sight and panorama, if you come at the right time and when the weather was sunny. You can see the beauty of the Merapi volcano.

merapi jeep adventure

As a volcano, Merapi presents a peak consisting of sand and stone. Fortunately no need to go up to be able to enjoy exoticism. Let’s review some places that you can visit for a vacation.


If you want to see the beauty of Merapi and adventure it to, you can go to Kaliadem. This attraction will give you an unforgettable holiday experience. Because in here,  you can ride a jeep to climb the foot of Mount Merapi. You will be traversed by pathways that increase your adrenaline. By crossing a rocky road, looking at the expanse of nature and there are still some ruins of Merapi eruption houses that are still intact there.

In Kaliadem, there is a bunker used for a shelter from Merapi’s eruption. A small story was used when Mount Merapi erupted. In 2014, there were several volunteers who were always standby at there and always helped the local residents. One time there were students who volunteered when Mount Merapi erupted, residents and volunteers worked together to help evacuate. But there was a male student during the evacuation process and everyone was in the area below the mountain, he had just returned to his feet, because he wanted to save a grandfather who was still left above. Furthermore, because there was not enough time to get to the bottom, they finally did it, and both of them hiding in the bunker. Unfortunately the bunker is exposed to hot sand, can you imagine what it would be like if you were in an underground bunker which was covered by a hot sand eruption of Mount Merapi.

warung kopi merapi

In addition, in Kaliadem, if you order a jeep. You will invited to play wet in the river. That’s very interesting. Btw If the night is near Mount Merapi, there are stalls to relax. teenagers usually come here together to chill and relax from the daily activities. So, immediately schedule your vacation to go to Mount Merapi and try all the cool activities presented there. Happy holiday

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