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malioboro street

Legendary Place to Visit in Yogyakarta

Malioboro is the heart of Jogja City. No wonder so many things you can see here, ranging from food, lodging, souvenirs and more. Do you want to know the details? let’s find full information here.

The Malioboro area is very popular with local and foreign residents. So, do not be surprised with Malioboro, it is a place that must be visited if you are on vacation to Yogyakarta.

Located between Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace and The White Pal Monument(Tugu Pal Putih). The city of Yogyakarta is arranged along the north-south direction, with a road that leads to a compass, and intersects perpendicularly. This pattern is reinforced by the ‘imaginary axis’ which runs from north to south with the Palace as its midpoint.

malioboro street
Malioboro Street

If you want to visit here, i recommend to bring a two-wheelers vehicle aka the motorcycle, Because the parking are in Malioboro isvery limited. The government has provided parking facilities near the monument station and in our opinion it’s quite far. Another tips from me, you can take the parking area of your vehicle at the Vredeburg Fort Museum. Why is that? Because This will make it easier for you to start exploring Malioboro. If you bring four-wheeled vehicles, We recommend Come to Malioboro earlier to get parking that still around Jalan Malioboro.

Come on, now we begin to explore Malioboro Malioboro from the north side to the point Nol KM, or unidirectional flow of vehicles.

1. Tugu Station


Right near the Tugu station there is a cafe. The place is always crowded with local or foreign tourists. Because the cafe here provides Live music and also as a place to relax for you, before surround Malioboro Street.

2. Souvenirs

When you walk around malioboro, you will see a lot of clothes seller and souvenir typical of jogja. Of course the seller sells his wares at low prices. But if you don’t want to buy souvenirs in Malioboro Street, you can visit the market located at near the Nol KM Jogja Beringharjo Market. This market is famous for wholesale craft stores, clothes neatly arranged in every stall in it.

3. Malioboro Mall

Even though Malioboro is a traditional shopping center or that sells local goods. Also not spared if there is a mall. On Malioboro Street there are also several large malls, such as Ramayana Mall, Malioboro Mall and other modern shopping centers. Although it is a modern shopping center that is easy to find, Malls in Malioboro are never empty of visitors.

4. Hotels

In Malioboro there was the first large hotel built in 1908, named Grand de Djogja. Until now it still stands firm even though it has been renamed several times. Besides that there are other hotels around Maioboro that you can order so you don’t go far when you want to explore Malioboro. There are Neo Hotel Malioboro, Inna Grand Malioboro, POP! Malioboro Hotel, Ibis Malioboro Hotel and many more. You just need to choose, it’s easy right?

5. Photogenic Spot

nol km

Maybe for everyone who visit Malioboro wants to capture the moment and upload it to the social media right? and this is definitely done for you girl hehehehe. There are lots of good photo spots for you to instagramable. Such as seats that have been provided along Malioboro Street. Then, there is also at Point Nol KM. Recommended for those of you who want maximum results, take photos at 8-10 am, 14-16 afternoon and if you want it at night don’t try it too late, because the night is getting busier on Jalan Malioboro, and this is very difficult.

6. Yogyakarta Palace


If you like historic tours, you will love this historical place. Starts open 08.00 – 14.30 WIB. However, especially on Friday, starting at 08.00 – 12.00 WIB. For those of you who want to take a closer look at the palace of jogja, you can enter the palace area by purchasing 7,500 entry tickets for local tourists and 12,500 for foreign tourists. The prices listed here are subject to change.

Well, above are some places that you can visit in the Malioboro area. But, now there are so many new things in the Malioboro area, such as bicycle rental facilities. Which you can rent by installing the application available on Playstore.

selasa wage condition

In addition, when Malioboro wage day, the malioboro area will clean the vehicle, there is no vehicle. Because of the Jogja government impose this system only to neutralize the Malioboro region. Its start from morning to evening. So, if you come to Malioboro to coincide with Wages on Tuesday you should try this. And an advice from me you do not come to Malioboro during the rainy season, because it will be very inconvenient for you to take cover.

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