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Java Trekking is a Best Activities for Travellers

Indonesia is a maritime country with 17.000 more islands has it. Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan or Borneo, Sulawesi, West Papua and Bali the famous one place in the world is a part of Indonesia. The located in between Asia continental and Australia continental, Indonesia has many mountains and active volcanoes. Mountains at this time is a favourite place for travellers make tourism activities. And this article will review about mount trekking activities in Java. Why in Java ? because Java has many mountains open for tourist attraction from low level, medium level until expert level.

Java trekking tour now is becoming a favourite activities for climbers and travellers. Some of the mountains is often climbed for travellers is in Central Java and East Java. In Central Java offers mount Sindoro, mount Sumbing, mount Merbabu, Merapi volcano, mount Prau and mount Lawu (half in Central Java and half again in East Java). East Java has some mountain with expert level for example mount Semeru, mount Argopuro, Raung volcano and mount Arjuna.

Is an easy way for travellers or climbers want to getting information about trekking in Java. Open the internet and input the some keyword about Java trekking or more specific keyword like mount Merbabu trekking tour, mount Merapi trekking, mount Prau tour, and etc. All the information is serve at there for public and the tips for foreigners is better contact the local travel agency. Why contact local travel agency? Because many mountains located is far from big city or tourist destination in Java for example like Yogyakarta and the important things is not public transportation has a route to the basecamp of the mountains.

And there is one by one short reviews of some mountain in Central Java :

1.  Merapi volcano

The located in two provinces (Yogyakarta and Central Java) mount Merapi trekking can be reach from New Selo in Central Java. After was eruption in 2010 mount Merapi only have one way for summiting there is from New Selo Basecamp around 1,5 hours drive from Yogyakarta city. Usually the climbers only trekking for see the sunrise from midnight and back down after this. Take around 3-4 hours to climbing this mountain for reach the summit.

mount Merapi tour

2. Mount Merbabu

Mount Merbabu national park is a sister of Merapi volcano, these mountain only bordered with the road. Have a same basecamp with Merapi volcano for climbing mount Merbabu, yes there is from New Selo. Basically mount Merbabu has 3 ways for trekking, first the famous once is from New Selo, second is from Wekas, and third is from Suwanting. Has an option for summiting this mountain, overnight for hunting the sunrise is a same like mount Merapi taking 3-4 hours or camping with 2 days 1 night.

3. Mount Prau

Located in Dieng plateau area in Central Java drive around 3 hours from Yogyakarta, mount Prau have an easy level for climbing. Only take 2,5 hours and starting climb from the midnight mount Prau have the epic scenery view. From the top of this mountain the golden sunrise and directly view to another mountain like mount Sindoro, mount Sumbing, mount Slamet, mount Merbabu and Merapi volcano serve for climbers.

Mount Prau

4. Mount Sumbing

Mount Sumbing have an altitude 3.371 MASL is a active volcano as well like Merapi volcano. The located in 3 regency areas, Magelang, Temanggung and Wonosobo – Central Java. The famous basecamp for climbing this mountain is from Garung the small village in the north of mount Sumbing. The trekking route is more heavy than mount Merbabu or Merapi volcano, needed approximately 7 hours for summiting.

sumbing tour

5. Mount Sindoro

Mount Sindoro is a sister of Mount Sumbing, its similar like Mount Merbabu and Merapi volcano only separate by the road and small village. The altitude is 3.136 MASL a bit shorter than mount Sumbing, and the famous basecamp for starting summiting is from Kledung. Approximately 6 hours climbing to reach the summit and 4 hours for backdown, so it suggested for camping overnight to climb this mountain.

There is short reviews some of mountains in Central Java usually for tourism activities. Java trekking is always has memorable moment and the next article we will write about Java trekking in East Java. See you the next article.

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