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How to Hunt for Cheap Tickets

Hello travelers,,, everyone knows that airplanes are the main of transportation for traveling to other countries. With shorter travel time, it is natural that the price of a plane ticket is more expensive compared to other transportation. For that we need a strategy to get cheaper tickets than the normal price, especially for those of you have a hobby of traveling, hunting the cheap ticket is a must be.


Looking for the cheap plane tickets, you have to do well in advance before running out of tickets. With a ticket first, most of your travel matters are handled. The itinerary, hotel reservations, and other needs just to following. Most people like to hunt for cheap airplane tickets when the promo is coming. People will flock to book plane tickets. But, what if you want to hurry the travel plan but the promo doesn’t come down soon? Here we go the tips;

1. Determine the time of departure

The day and date you have to choose will greatly affect the price of the airplane tickets. Fly during the low season because the ticket prices can be very high during the holiday season or weekends. Peak season in the world occurs during end-year holidays or summer holidays, while in Indonesia it is during the Ied Mubarak holiday – that’s when the airplane tickets have the highest prices and very rarely have promos. Other tips, order tickets for departure on Tuesday and Wednesday because they are usually cheaper.

2. Select Airlines

select airlanes

Low Cost Carrier Airlines (LCC) generally have lower prices, but not all the time. Just compare all the airlines, both LCC and dull board airlines with the same route so you don’t regret it later. Order tickets far in advance for a minimum of 3 months then your chance to get a cheap ticket is greater.

3. Follow the Travel agent social media account

Take advantage of the technology and smartphone sophistication to get information about cheap tickets by following a travel agent’s social media account. Usually some travel agents will post information about cheap tickets on their social media.

There are some tips for hunting cheap tickets. Hopefully this article helps all of you who already have travel plans after pandemic Covid – 19 ends.

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