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Historical Water Castle in Yogyakarta

Tamansari is one of the historical building of Sultan Palace or Keraton Yogyakarta. Tamansari means “A Beautiful Garden”. Built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I in the year of 1684 Javanes year (1758 A.D). Tamansari was a reaction and a royal bathing place and also a retreat place for Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family. It has become the symbol of The Glory of Mataram King.tamansari is which known as water castle has the value of architecture and the uniqueness of the slope of the building and the filled water pool.

This water castle was surrounded with Segaran or an artificial alke where an artificial island covered the fragrance of flower lay in the middle. It is located 500 meters in thesouthwest of Keraton.

Funtional of Tamansari

1. Adefense area and shelter. It is indicated by
– The high fortress which surrounded Tamansari
– The bastian or a place to set the weapons
– The gates equipped with the guard postd
– The underground tunnels that connect one area to others such as from Margi Inggil to Pulo Kenanga ,from Pulo Kenanga to Sumur Gemuling, Sumur Gemuling to Gerbang Sagaran, on the western side of Tamansari

taman sari water castle building

2. Religius Place

The building used by Sultan for religious service and medititaion were Pulo Panembung and Sumur Gemuling, located in the middle of kolam Segaran. Pulo Panembung is located on the south of Pulo Kenanga and Sumur Gemuling is on the west Pulo Kenanga.


3. Recreation or resting place

There are many facilties for recreation and retreat such as a bathing place complex, pools, ponds, artificial lake and gardens. During its era, the artificial lake was stretching from Pulo kenanga to Pulo Gedong the east of keraton. Through a ditch called Kali Larangan, Segaran water was directed from the Bendalole dam at Winongo river, Pingit, on the north west side of Yogyakarta.
Other facilities realted to water are pools or ponds such as Umbul Binangun, Kolam Garjitawati, Pasiraman Umbulsari and Kolam nagaluntak.

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Taman sari is divide into four areas :

  1. An artificial lake “Segaran” located in the west.
  2. A bathing complex in the south of the Segaran lake, called the Umbul Binangun bathing complex
  3. Pasarean Ledok Sari and Garjitawati poll, located in the south of the bathing complex.
  4. The east side of the first and second area, which extend far to the east and the southeast complex of Magangan.
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