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Having Fun Picking tea in Nglinggo Tea Plantation

A trip to the Yogyakarta area not only presents cultural tourism and culinary. This time we will invite you to a place where you can spoil your eyes by seeing the beauty of the expanse of leaves. The name is Nglinggo Tea Plantation. As the name suggests, located in the village of West Nglinggo. This region is a place for tea plantations in Kulon Progo. This plantation has been around for a long time for the livelihoods of the local population. However, now Nglinggo tea plantations are also used as tourist attractions by local residents.

This tea plantation is located in an altitude area, so you can see a view of green tea plants and trees. Surely if your eyes are faced with a panorama like this, it would be like feel relaxation. But the spread of green here too there is the farm, you can play around with the cattle locals.

Exploring the Nglinggo tea plantation is the first thing to do that plunge directly into picking tea leaves with the tea farmers. You can also take photos when you join the tea harvest there. The farmers there are very friendly. So, we would recommend to you who want to try new experiences come picking tea in the morning,while breathing fresh air and also exercising all picking tea hehehehe: v


The tea have you taken later become a delicious local product once. Especially if you try it when the weather is cold and while looking at the beautiful expanse of tea gardens. By the way, besides tea here there are also local products that are developed by locals such as:

1. Geblek


Its a fried of tapioca flour and fried onions, Which is formed in a small circle. Suitable enjoyed while still hot combined with drinking tea.

2. Sugar

Prepared from palm sap. Sweeter taste from white sugar or brown sugar. The difference is more the color of brown palm sugar, not brown sugar. If it is broken, it will be a little inside to look like crystal, and is suitable for sauce food or drink.

3. Coffee

Coffee production in kulonprogo produces flavor which is different from other places. If you try it in each district Samigaluh and Girimulyo have their own characteristics. very suitable for you who are a coffee lover. Because you will be addicted.

4. Cloves

Is a superior product Kulonprogro cloves, clove plant centers located in the district itself Samigaluh and Girimulyo. This plant is native to Indonesia, including in the type of spices that are good for health such as protecting against cancer, killing disease-causing bacteria, improving liver health, and many other benefits of this plant.

So its some preparations that you can try while visiting the Nglinggo Tea Plantation, don’t just try the tea. the products above can also be used as souvenirs for your family or friends

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