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Goa Jomblang

Goa Jomblang

Goa Jomblang aka Jomblang Cave in Gunung Kidul regency – Yogyakarta is the favourite things to do for travelers have trip in Yogyakarta. This trip is adventure typically, with the goal is stunning light from the sky.

The journey to Jomblang cave from the Yogyakarta city approximately 2 hours driving by the car. From the last village before the cave we will get through bumpy road around 2 km. For some tourist this kind of road is special because they never felt it before in their country. In the field before the Jomblang cave, we were found many Cashew (tree). This place has produce best quality of cashew nuts as well.

Arrived in Jomblang cave we need to registration first and taking the queue number. The registration usually starting open from 08:00 am. As usual adventure activity, before it we need some of preparation. In Jomblang cave the preparation starting with choose the safety boots. Yeah the operator at Jomblang cave they are provided this Boots. After this we have to waiting around 1 hour before going down to the cave. Don’t worry 1 hour is not to long for waiting because we had free welcome drink ( local black coffee and tea). 09:30 am one of the local tour guide will leaded us for move to descending spot of the Jomblang cave. And the second preparation is coming with choosing the helmet. The local guides wasted no time and call us by the queue number for using the harness and checking out all the equipment.

Closer to the pit, there is the big sinkhole approximately 400 m and created thousand years ago. For to see the main spot (lightning from heaven) we need to descend around 60 meters with the single rope technique. The unique point from this part is the operator still use manual operation by the human for pull up and down. They decided not without the reason, first they are thinking that if use the machine and getting some trouble with it is more risky. By the human they can controlled and make sure more safety. Second reason is they want to supporting the local people from the last village before the Jomblang cave getting more earn from this adventure activity.

To going down with lower and slowly make your peacefully even some of the visitor they screaming. Landed and the tour guide will bring you to inside of the Jomblang cave. Walking around 350 m through the ancient forest, muddy tunnel, and this is it we felt it the boots is helpful. Before arrive at the main spot rumbling noises from the underground river will welcome us. Arrived at the main spot or we called goa grubug is awesome lightning we had it. That’s why many tourist called “Light from heaven” because this light coming down was amazing and cannot describe.

Finished enjoy the light at the main spot, it’s time for to comeback the landed point. On the up of the Jomblang cave is ready many people to pull up. Used the same technique every 2 people is pull up to the land. And this adventure activity is closed by lunch together with local menu. For your information: – Jomblang cave have limitation visitor per day, only 80 – 90 visitor. – Leave from your hotel in the Yogyakarta city around 06:30 am. – The activity only one time per day.


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