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Five Things To Do For Enjoying Borobudur Sunrise

Five Things To Do For Enjoying Borobudur Sunrise

Borobudur sunrise is popular things to do when you are make a trip in Yogyakarta. Many tourist they are decided to take a trip for Borobudur Sunrise. So how to special of Borobudur sunrise for tourist and travellers, we will explain five things to do for Borobudur Sunrise.

First you should know about Borobudur sunrise is the time for sunrise, it’s important because if you don’t know the best time to enjoying the Borobudur sunrise you will lose the sunrise. The sunrise time in Borobudur temple is approximately 05:30 am, and the sun will be rising behind from the mountain.

Second, if you are stay in Yogyakarta you must be wake up around 03:30 am in the early morning. Is it looking hard for normally wake up, but it a must be doing for enjoying Borobudur sunrise. What the stuff should bring for Borobudur sunrise? Bring your passport, camera or smartphone for taking sunrise moment and just use casual. Yes passport is important and must be bring for Borobudur sunrise because when you are buy ticket on ticket center, the official will copy your passport.

Third, you can start or leaving from your hotel around 03:45 am or maximum at 04:00 am. Driving from Yogyakarta to Borobudur temple in the early morning is approximately 45 minutes by car. The distance about 25 miles northwest of Yogyakarta. We are advise you to booking tour for Borobudur sunrise with the local tour and travel agency like, because in the early morning nothing public transportation have operation.

Four, make sure the first till third things is complete to make an easy way for enjoying Borobudur sunrise. After enjoying Borobudur sunrise and explore deeply the temple you have a breakfast at Manohara restaurant with Indonesian cuisine. The Borobudur sunrise ticket is including breakfast and souvenir.

Five, after finish enjoying Borobudur sunrise is incomplete without visit two small temple near of Borobudur temple. There is Pawon temple and Mendut temple, two small temple is older than Borobudur temple. The interesting point of these two temple is if we are seen from the above they have imajiner straight line Mendut – Pawon – Borobudur temple.


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