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Somewhere, exotic and mystical, hidden on Dieng mountain in Central Java, located at an altitude of 2093 meters above sea level, this is where, supposedly the location of the gods live.

Since ancient times this place to be the center of Javanese culture development.

Dieng also as one of the potential tourism has a panoramic view of very charming and has a variety of attractions ranging from the temple (temple complex Arjuna, Ghatotkacha, Bima, Dwarawati), Crater (Sikidang, Sileri, Candradimuka, Sikendang), Ponds (Color, Pengilon, Merdada, Balekambang, Dringo, tadpole, Swiwi, Menjer), Caves (Amulet, Semar, Jaran, wells Jalatunda, Ben Lukar, hot springs (Sirawe), waterfall (Sirawe, Sikarim, Seloka), Agrowisata Tambi, as well as tourist attraction artificial built to support the tourism activity in the region (Dieng Plateau Theater, Museum Kailasa, relay Pandang Tieng) and many other attractions such as Ondo Budho, Mount Sikunir, Tuk Ben Lukar, Watu Kelir Thermal Bath and Bitingan. And there are more than 37 tourist attractions here.

Other locations some distance between 6-8 Km you might find locations with incredible natural wonders, such as the Golden Sunrise which is the prettiest in Asia, which can be enjoyed from Sikunir mountain, a mountain with a short trek to enjoy the sunrise, there is also the peak of mount Prau,and the peak of a thousand hills with Teletubies hill and flower beds Ceplikan that covered the ground there, from this location also can enjoy the view as if when we saw the view from the top of the mountain is high enough such as Mount Sindoro or Mount Sumbing, there’s more to visit as giant wells, craters and Craters lake spread in the area of the shaft and spokes Dieng.

Enjoy a unique and exciting experience of wading through one of the highest village on the island of Java,and agritcultural fields and the other exotic place that is still active for religious rituals of Hindu-Javanese.


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