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Bromo, The Natural Beauty of East java

Hi guys surely you know that Indonesia is a country surrounded by mountains and most of the mountains are still active. But active volcanoes in Indonesia will release their contents every few times over a long period of time.


if we imagine that an active mountain is very terrible, because as soon as he took out his bowels, it would have a major impact on the surrounding community. But behind the terrible things active mountains in Indonesia have extraordinary natural beauty. One of which we will discuss is the beauty of Mount Bromo.


Bromo Mountain is an active mountain that has a body shape consisting of valleys and canyons with caldera or sea of sand covering an area of 10 square kilometers. So don’t be surprised if you come to Bromo you are presented by a stretch of sea of sand and Mount Bromo that soars upwards.


But for those of you who want to visit Mount Bromo you should see the climate in Indonesia first, because for the months of January – March 2020 Indonesia has the potential for high rainfall in several areas including the location of Mount Bromo.


The rainy season on the Bromo mountain tour will not completely ruin your vacation here, because in the rainy season you can see the beauty of Padang Savana there. As we know when the rainy season arrives this savana looks very beautiful with a very wide green expanse and spoil the eyes. In addition, the temperature around Mount Bromo is not so cold as if the dry season arrives.

As usual when you go on a tour to the mountains, definitely the one Sunrise is looking for, right? Well when the weather is raining you can still enjoy the sunrise, but if the weather is supportive, and if not don’t worry you can still see clouds passing around Mount Bromo that are no less beautiful. Although later the view will look blue but there is no reason to be disappointed enjoying Mount Bromo in the rainy season. If you want to enjoy the mist maybe this is the best time. keep in mind to bring rainproof equipment.

Moreover? maybe that’s for your description if you want to go to Mount Bromo tour to coincide with the rainy season in Indonesia.

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