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andong in parangtritis

Beauty of The South, Parangtritis Beach

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you are always healthy. Because the earth is not doing well with regard to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that is increasingly spreading to other countries.

Well guys, before we posted an article about the beaches in Yogyakarta, which have their respective beauty. now we will discuss in more depth of one of the beaches which has always been the main highlight of tourists. Anyone know what beach this time? That’s right, we will discuss Parangtritis Beach.


Parangtritis beach has very thunderous roaring waves and coupled with very strong sea breezes producing amazing roar. Besides that, the beach is usually enjoyed in the morning at sunrise or at dusk at sunset, another case if at Parangtritis beach hehehe. Here the beauty of the beach is endless you know guys, even at night. Because in the sky Parangtritis beach there are many very beautiful stars stretching the sky.

On this beach you can enjoy the view of the hill behind the beach. And no less exciting is the area around the beach there is a vast stretch of soft sand. There you can go sand skiing or riding a FTV motorbike and don’t forget to capture the exciting moment.

andong in parangtritis

For the coast you can ride a jeep or take a boat. Or for those of you who want to play with water, you can walk along the beach to your heart’s content, because Parangtritis beach is very wide, you can walk from one beach to the other. After you comb the beach and are tired, you can stop by the warungs around the beach to order coconut ice which is very fresh, taken directly from the coconut fruit to add enjoyment.

How are you guys? it’s fun to play on Parangtritis beach. Let’s immediately schedule for your next trip vacation here.

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