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umbrella - jogja tour package tips

6 Tips Traveling in Rainy Season

In Indonesia is a tropical country, which only has 2 seasons each year just in the rainy season and dry season. According to scientific experts and sources, there is a dry season from April to September, from October to March the rainy season occurs.

Now we give tips for you who will go on vacation in a tropical country like indonesia. For those of you who want to traveling during the rainy season, there are a few tips on traveling during the rainy season that you can apply to make your vacation more optimal.

1. Bring Raincoats & Umbrellas

umbrella - jogja tour package tips

Tips for traveling during the rainy season which is certainly taken is a raincoat and umbrella. these two things are very important. if you feel complicated with these 2 items, you can bring an umbrella that can be folded up to the size of a drinking bottle, this will not take place in your bag

2. Bring warm clothes like a jacket/sweater

Not only bring Raincoats & Umbrellas, the clothes you wear are very influential. Why? because during the rainy season the temperature of the surrounding air turns cooler than normal temperatures.

3. Bring Flip Flops

flip flop - jogja tour package

This one item is trivial but very useful if you travel to coincide with the rainy season. If the rainy season is the road that you pass there must be a pool of water, and of course you don’t want your shoes exposed to rain water? Well, you can bring flip-flops or boots, which at least if exposed to rain, can dry faster.

4. Use a waterproof bag or rain protector for the bag

Using a waterproof bag is something you should pay attention to once, because it will protect your goods from rain drops. if there is no waterproof bag, you can use a bag with a waterproof suit.

5. Carrying medicine supplies

When you travel to a country with a different climate, your body might need to adapt. Because when the rainy season arrives you are very vulnerable to fever or flu, and to prevent that you can bring some medicines and vitamins so that your body remains fit and does not interfere with your traveling.

6. Always update the weather forecast

weather information - jogja tour package tips

You should often see updates about the weather forecast every day. because of this you can anticipate the arrival of rain suddenly.

Well, that was 6 tips for traveling during the rainy season that you can apply when you want to travel in a tropical country. In addition to preparing the items above, you also need to avoid some outdoor tourist spots such as the beach, because during the rainy season the sea water will definitely tide.

So, how is it? Immediately schedule any tour that you will go and don’t forget to prepare your goods, so that your traveling runs smoothly and pleasant 

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