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Borobudur sunrise

5 Ways to Enjoy The Exoticism of Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is the wonders of the world, even now is not part of 7 wonders in the world but for Indonesian people Borobudur temple still must be maintained and preserved. Travelers from around the world and local tourist always come to Borobudur temple every day.

Don’t come to Borobudur temple with a lot of tourist at the day, will be crowded. You doesn’t enjoy the biggest of masterpiece in Indonesia. You should be follow ways to enjoy the Borobudur to be more fun.

Funtional of Tamansari

1. Enjoy The Sunrise

Borobudur have special time for visit in the early morning, yes the travelers call it “Borobudur Sunrise”. Climb up the temple at 05:00 am and catching the epic sunrise directly from the temple. The scenery was amazing because the sun rising between 2 mountains (Merapi volcano and Mt.Merbabu). Are you interested to hunting the sunrise at Borobudur temple?

Borobudur Sunrise

2. Epic Sunset

Borobudur temple was closed for general visitors at 17:00 pm, and after this only open for special guest to enjoy the sunset. You can imagine not many visitors at the temple and you can enjoy the epic sunset behind Menoreh hills. Borobudur sunset is another way to intimate with the temple and most spiritual things you get feeling. After enjoy the sunset, dinner has serve for the travelers at Manohara restaurant inside of Borobudur temple park area. It’s so precious enjoy the dinner with the view is the biggest budhis temple in the wolrd.

Borobudur Sunrise

3. Cycling Around Borobudur Temple

Right now enjoying the Borobudur temple isn’t only visit the temple then finish. Riding the bicycle to explore the villages around Borobudur temple it will be fun. Especially if you are loving with locals contain. Visit some locals home industry for example make a puppet, luwak coffee, tofu or batik is provide from the villages around Borobudur temple. The experience will give memorable for you.

4. Waiting for the Morning at Punthuk Setumbu is Magical Moment

Enjoying sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu is good experience it must be trying. The misty morning with Borobudur is looking small from the far away create its own aura of beauty. You must arrive before the sunrise and taking the best pictures from the top of Punthuk Setumbu. Taking picture from here Borobudur is looking magically. And the main point is entrance tickets so cheap for the best moment.

5. Release The Lantern to The Borobudur Sky At The Vaisak Days

Every years the buddhis people from around the world coming to Borobudur temple for celebration the Vaisak days. At the event will be release the lantern to the sky at the midnight with wishes together. Feels so solemn, deep, and magically when the lanterns flying to above of Borobudur temple. And the another magically things is always full moon when the Vaisak days coming. You should try coming at Vaisak days.

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