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17 Things to do in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is the culture and historical province in Indonesia. The Kingdom background and central of universities in Indonesia making Yogyakarta local people more spontaneous and open for all the people. Yogyakarta is the 2nd destination in Indonesia after Bali for the first. Absolutely the temple is main attraction, everybody knows that Borobudur and Prambanan temple located near by Yogyakarta. Good news for you vibes ! Yogyakarta International Airport is already open for direct flight from Europe, China, Middle East and some of Asia countries next year. So there is another things to do in Yogyakarta for your travel guides.

1. Yogyakarta : Visit Borobudur and Prambanan Temple

Yogyakarta tour package

Borobudur and Prambanan temple located is an outside of Yogyakarta city, it is easy to get around by join the private daily tour. These two tourist attraction are very popular destinations for tourist and local groups, and very hot at the day. But don’t worry for this, because we have an option for Borobudur sunrise and Prambanan sunset on a trip.

For Borobudur sunrise there is less locals people because of the price is too expensive for them, and for Prambanan temple you must be prepared for the groups of students who want to interview and photograph you as foreign tourist. The grounds are now very touristy, so you should be prepared for plenty of other travellers!

Our Tips :

  • Do not forget bring the passport
  • Keep smile when the students want take pictures with you
  • Visit Borobudur for Sunrise and Prambanan for Sunset
  • Student getting discount with show the student card active
  • Make sure you are booking with the right and trusted tour agency or car charter
  • Use the local tour guide if you want getting more detail information about fact of the temples
  • Do not forget sunscreen for visit at the day

2. Yogyakarta : Visit Kraton the Sultan Palace


Kraton is Sultan Palace with traditional Java architecture and many stuff collection from the Yogyakarta Kings. Kraton, until now it is still used for various traditional events. The buildings inside is still good maintained, as well as one of the building used for the Sultan and family residence.

King’s services and some traditional performances such as Javanese music and Javanese dance are still often performed. Kraton is the right place to visit for those of you who want to know the real culture of Yogyakarta.

Our Tips :

  • Do not use heat, is forbidden at Kraton
  • Do not visit on Friday, Kraton closed early
  • Open at 08:30 – 14:00 pm
  • Use the local tour guide

3. Yogyakarta : Tamansari Water Castle

Yogyakarta 5 days 4 nights tour package

The located approximately 350 m behind of Kraton, Tamansari water castle is worth it place for visited. Was built 1758 had combining architecture between Javanese, Chinese and Portugese Tamansari water castle presented for King, wife and daughters playing ground. The pools, garden, underground mosque and man – made island is iconic part of Tamansari water castle.

This place looking one package with Kraton when you decide to visiting. Usually the tourist visit Kraton first then Tamansari after. The ticket entrance fees is same like at Kraton only Rp 15.000,- / person. Even this place many part is broken, but Tamansari is recommending place for visited.

Our Tips :

  • Use the sunglasses
  • Open at 08:30 – 15:30 pm
  • Visit on weekdays more quiet than weekends

4. Learn to make Batik


Batik is important things for Indonesian people from generation to generation, and remains a link between the past and the future. The diversity is the result of acculturation of various cultures that exist in Indonesia. The style and motives have never been the same, batik has a deep philosophy and meaning.

Yogyakarta is the center of Batik in Indonesia this is because Yogyakarta background as kingdom. There are still many traditional batik makers in this city. Good thing for those of you who visit Yogyakarta to learn batik.

5. Sunset at Candi Ijo

candi ijo sunset

The located on top of the hill, Candi Ijo is perfect for enjoying the sunset. Candi Ijo is the highest temple in Yogyakarta, 395 masl was built around 10th century. Overall Candi Ijo has terrace temple with the lower position in the west and the highest in the east. Important for your info Candi Ijo is open everyday from 06:00 am to 17:30 pm. The best time for visit this temple is in the afternoon.

The sunset coming between 17:00 – 17:30 pm, good for you arrive at 16:00 pm to explore the main temple and small temple in the front of. After this waiting and enjoying the sunset.

6. Malioboro street

2 days 1 night yogyakarta tour

The iconic street in Yogyakarta, Malioboro has magnetism for visiting. The located is in city center of Yogyakarta, Malioboro street always full with the tourist and local people. As a shopping center and central government of Yogyakarta city, Malioboro is very much alive. In the evening many street food with local dish and some of street art performance show can be enjoying. At the end of this street is zero km of Yogyakarta city with colonial buildings around it.

7. Parangtritis Beach

The widest and longest beach in Yogyakarta has black sand. Around 45 minutes from Yogyakarta city to the south driving by the car. Parangtritis beach is very popular for the locals and full of visitor is on the weekend as usual. Parangtritis beach is not recommend for swimming, so just wear short pan, T-shirt and splash the wave. Some of fresh coconut water and roasted corn at the afternoon is perfect for enjoying at this beach.

8. Jomblang Cave

jomblang cave Prambanan tour

Amazing cave in Gunung Kidul regency – Yogyakarta, one of the prominent caves to be explored. About 40 km from Yogyakarta city centre this cave is unique, 60 m descent, use the single rope technique, big sinkhole, rain forest inside, muddy tunnel, underground river and close with the light from heaven at the main spot is looking perfect for adventure activity.

Jomblang cave or Goa Jomblang open everyday, only 80 visitor maximum per day. Start activity from 09:30 – 12:30, only one time have to explore this cave per day.

Our Tips :

  • Leave at 07:00 am from the hotel
  • Book this tour with local travel agency
  • Combining this tour with Timang beach or Pindul cave tubing

9. Nglinggo Tea Plantation


Nglinggo tea plantation is a new destination in west of Yogyakarta. The located in Kulon Progo regency about 35 km from the Yogyakarta city centre. The altitude around 1000 masl this hill is perfect for tea plantation growth. Ki Suko is the owner of this tea garden, he had resign from the job of banker before it to focusing and development organic tea in this area. He supporting the villagers for cultivation organic tea plantation and making the traditional tea for keeping the contain of the tea.

Perfect for all of you to learning the organic tea with the high quality with Ki Suko at Nglinggo tea garden. Taste of the tea totally different with the factory makes. You should try the real organic tea at Nglinggo tea garden with learning directly from the expert.

Our Tips :

  • Leave from the hotel at 07:00 am
  • Book this coaching with local agency
  • Combining this coaching with Mudal river park

10. Summiting Mount Merbabu

Mount Prau

Mount Merbabu is the sister of Merapi volcano, at the national park area mount Merbabu is worth it for trekking activity. Do you have an option for this activity, climb in the midnight to catch the sunrise and back down to the base camp or climb on afternoon for camping 1 night.

To arrive at the mount Merbabu base camp from Yogyakarta should book a tour with local tour agency, because there is no public transportation to get there. Has several base camps route for summiting mount Merbabu. Wekas, Suwanting and New Selo, the last name is the easier and popular track for climbing. If you are fit around 4 hours from New Selo to summiting mount Merbabu.

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