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17 Things to Do in Yogyakarta part 2

Yogyakarta is the culture and historical province in Indonesia. The Kingdom background and central of universities in Indonesia making Yogyakarta local people more spontaneous and open for all the people. Yogyakarta is the 2nd destination in Indonesia after Bali for the first. Absolutely the temple is main attraction, everybody knows that Borobudur and Prambanan temple located near by Yogyakarta. Good news for you vibes ! Yogyakarta International Airport is already open for direct flight from Europe, China, Middle East and some of Asia countries next year. So there is another things to do in Yogyakarta for your travel guides.

11. Cross the sea with Cable cart at Timang Beach


Yeah sound is crazy cross the sea with cable cart, but it happens at Timang beach. Cable cart or Gondola local people call it is the main attraction at Timang beach. Several years ago this cable cart used for fisherman to grab the lobster around tiny island. After 2010 this cable cart change for tourism and very popular tourist attraction for Asian like Singaporean and Malaysian.

The sensation is really awesome when we crossing the sea with cable cart. Big waves in the below and moving slowly that the real push up our adrenaline. Don’t worry with this activity because is really safe.

12. Ramayana Ballet Dancing Performance

ramayana ballet

The epic ballet show performance with more 200 dancer and the background is Prambanan temple. Ramayana ballet show performance taking 2 hours with the classic colossal Ramayana stories adopted from India.

Basically in Yogyakarta there are has 2 place for Ramayana ballet show performance. First at  Open theatre Prambanan temple and second at Purawisata in the city centre.

14. Local Food Culinary

Fortunately Yogyakarta is not only about beautiful places, the local food is a must to try. The authentic local food from Yogyakarta is Gudeg, the sweet food from jack fruit, egg, meat and cooked with brown sugar. Another street food is interesting as well, kopi jos (coffee with charcoal) the one and only we find it in Yogyakarta.

Lupis cake mbah Satinem is a legendary traditional street food in Yogyakarta, have been showed on Netflix Lupis cake mbah Satinem is a unique. Use string for cutting the cake and long queues is a sensation to savor Lupis cake mbah Satinem. And many more authentic local food in Yogyakarta you can find it.

15. Rafting Elo & Progo River

rafting progo

Rafting is a fun activity, in Yogyakarta has 2 river for rafting. For beginners Elo river is good choice for rafting and Progo river serve for the expert with grade II. All the river located is near of Borobudur temple.

Rafting activity is more fun when rainy season is coming. Spending 3 hours for rafting is fun doing together with friends. The best time to start this activity is in the morning around 09:00 and will finish around 12:00 closed with lunch.

16. Sightseeing Merapi Lava Tour with Jeep 4WD

Yogyakarta 5 Days 4 Nights tour package

After erupted in 2010 Merapi volcano have a new tourist attraction, there is sightseeing to visit the villages was affected the eruption. Use the Jeep 4WD, through the bumpy road for visited some villages around mount Merapi.

We can clearly see how ferocious it was when Merapi erupted. Some of villages 5 km from the top of mount Merapi is buried by the materials. Some stuff at mini museum reminiscent of the events that killed 300 more local residents.

17. Pinus Pengger the pine Forest at 2 nd floor Yogyakarta

pinus pengger

There is a new tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. Pine forest with some of photo spot, the
background is the light of Yogyakarta city. Good visiting this pine forest for relaxing and
enjoying Yogyakarta city from the 2 nd floor.

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